How to Change the UI Language of Firefox

Occasionally, you’ll want to use Firefox in another language instead of the one you’re speaking currently. How do you achieve that without reinstalling Firefox? I’m trying to answer this question and talk about related concepts such as locale and language packs.

Used and Abused – The Promotion of Firefox

The promotion of Mozilla Firefox supported by Google in China is not productive at all. The worse part is, it affected the reputation of Google and Mozilla. For one thing, Internet users feel being cheated, for another, Google has no reason to spend that much to an ineffective advertising campaign.

2 Reasons Why I Hate Firefox

I hate Firefox for its slow startup and wrong way of promoting in my country. However, I still love using the excellent software. Is that a contradiction? Will Mozilla do something to change the situation here?

Zemanta – Blogging in a Brand New Way

Usually, if we want our posts to be attractive, we write our posts then googling for some proper images to add into them. Doing so in every post is a redundant job. But now, with zemanta, we can not only simplify the way we blog, and also make the posts more creative.

Massive Updates of Firefox Plugins

Plenty of Firefox plugins are updating because of the soon-to-come Firefox 3 release. There’s even a “Download Day” event held by Mozilla to set a new Guinness World Record. Are you interested? Come on, join us, spread it, enjoy the web!