Why the domain dengkefu.com?
It’s my name in Chinese Pinyin.
This is a great place where I’m sharing everything (thoughts, resource, etc.) with you through my posts.

Who am I?
I graduated from SYSU with a bachelor’s degree in Chemistry and a master’s degree in Computer Science.

I’ve been working in the Finance Industry such as Banking, Securities, Futures for over 10 years, and I specialize in the field of Financial Risk Management. I am a certified CFA and FRM charter holder.

Previously I was coding in SQL for SQL Server & Oracle and also interested in scripting languages such as Perl and PHP. But now I’m starting to learn Python and put it into work with financial data.

To simplify the whole intro thing, I’ll make a brief summary about myself below. Hopefully, these lines may explain who is this guy blogging here. All in all, I

  • was a listener who can only hear extreme metal.
  • am a programmer who’s looking for a way to improve my dirty codes.
  • have been a photographer who sold his Nikon D200-based system and bought Canon 5D, 40D and 350D instead, then returned to Nikon system again with D750 and D800.
  • am trying to be an observer who is watching the rapid development of Internet and Finance.

Why am I blogging?
Like most of the bloggers, I’m blogging to share – my experience, my knowledge, my thoughts and also my files. ^^

Feel free to contact me, a beginner trying to step ahead into a more colorful life!
Oh, BTW, I’m also fond of video games on consoles like PSP, NDS, Wii PS4 and XBOX.