Yoono – SNS All in One in Your Firefox Sidebar

If you’re using a wide-screen monitor as I am, you probably want to take advantage of the extra space generated by the 16:9 (or 16:10) ratio, especially when you’re browsing websites because most of them are designed with a fixed width. Hence Yoono, a browser extension filling the blank spaces with interesting features to monitor your friends’ activities, letting you make quick response and interact with them.

Strictly speaking, Yoono does not take over the sidebar space or resides in the sidebar, and it is just positioned at the left side of your Firefox, which means, normal sidebar elements like “Bookmarks” and “History” can be shown with Yoono at the same time.

There’re a bunch of widgets that you can use to integrate almost everything into Yoono, including:

Friends to

  • gather your friends from all social networks and IM services
  • see your friends’ status and be alerted of their updates
  • filter and prioritize your friends’ updates
  • change your status and send direct messages to your friends
  • drag & drop photos and videos directly into and IM session

Supported networks & IM: facebook, myspace, imeem, twitter, flickr, friendfeed, piczo, msn, aim, gtalk, yahoo.

Discoveries to

  • get recommendations of sites similar to the one you’re currently browsing
  • find users who share the same interests
  • sort by site, people or tags

Web Notes to

  • drag & drop text, videos, pictures directly in web notes
  • classify your web notes: love, rant, laugh or your own online files
  • share it with all Yoono users, your friends, a list of friends or keep it private
  • send your web notes through Yoono or post them directly to your blog

Videos to

  • get recommendations of videos related to the site you’re surfing
  • see your friends’ favorite videos
  • get a selection of videos from major video sharing sites
  • search for videos directly from Yoono
  • drag & drop all videos to your friends

Photos to

  • get recommendations of pictures related to the site you’re surfing
  • see your friends’ photos
  • get a selection of pictures from major photo sharing sites
  • search for photos directly from Yoono
  • drag & drop any photos to your friends

Music to

  • choose a radio station
  • listen to free radio while surfing: no pop-up window, no track download
  • search and file radio stations by type of music or preferences

News to

  • manage all your subscriptions and social news
  • get all your feeds right in the sidebar
  • check to see what your friends are digging
  • share, email and add notes to stories

Supported: googlereader, digg

Mail to

  • toggle between messages and refresh your inbox
  • easily flip between email accounts
  • add or remove accounts
  • preview your attachments right in the sidebar

Supported: gmail, yahoo

Shopping to

  • choose between major retailers and second-hand bargains
  • rank by price, category and stores
  • run direct search for any product

This article is part 1 of the 2-part series Make Full Use of Your Firefox Side Space, discussing excellent Firefox extensions to fill out the side spaces of wide-screen monitor. For part 2 of the series, refer to Juice – Intelligent Discovery Engine in Your Firefox Sidebar.

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  1. surfboards 的头像

    I just love Yoono! thanks for posting about it, you rock!

  2. adamjackson 的头像

    Thanks for writing about Yoono. I'm the Yoono evangelist. If you have any questions or comments, feel free to contact me.


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