Windows Live Essentials Installer in MSI format

Update: It seems that the Live Messenger MSI can be installed but not run correctly. So I replaced it with another version, and it works great this time.

As we know, Windows Live products can only be installed on specific OS like Windows XP SP2 or later, or Windows Vista. Unfortunately, I’m currently running Windows 2003 Server on my laptop for development reasons, which does not meet the system requirements for Windows Live components.

There’re workarounds for this, and I’m introducing to you the most simple one: use the MSI installers and the system requirements check will be bypassed.

Download (links updated at 2009-07-29)


  1. Other components like Toolbar, Photo Gallery, Movie Maker are not so popular, so they’re not provided here.
  2. No prompt or notification dialog will show during the installation. Don’t worry, go straight to Start –> Programs –> Windows Live, and you’ll find them.
  3. No entries will be added to the Add/Remove Programs panel, so you can not get them uninstalled there. Right click the MSI installer and you’ll see the commands Install, Repair and Uninstall. Do whatever you want here.





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  1. doobert 的头像

    thanks a lot im running xp pro x64 which is a build from 2003 server too n i couldnt get any of the new messengers to install, this did the job.

  2. zubair 的头像

    the links are dead can u repost please?

    1. Keefe Dunn 的头像

      links updated on request.


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