Update Firmware to Solve the Seagate 1.5T Random Halt Bug

Got a new PC lately. Including:

CPU: Intel Quad6600
Motherboard: ASUS P5Q Pro
Memory: Kingston DDR2 800 2G x4
Hard Disk: Seagate 1.5TB
Video Adapter: Galaxy 9800GTX+
Power Supply: Thermaltake W3030
Case: Thermaltake Armor+
Keyboard: Microsoft Natural Ergonomic 4000

Everything seems to work well, except, err… the hard disk. Rumor has it that Seagate 1.5T with the model ST31500341AS has a bug that, while running low speed writing/reading task, it halts randomly. The bad news is, my 1.5T is without exception.


When I watch some .avi video, the playing process ceases at some random point and the hard disk LED indicator starts flashing endlessly. After a while, everything becomes normal as if nothing ever happened.

Detail Info

Hard disk model: ST31500341AS
Firmware version: SD19
Video player: Windows Media Player, Media Player Classic
Video codec: XviD
Operating System: Windows Vista Ultimate x64

Solution – firmware update

Seagate gave out a new version of firmware some time ago, but not publicly. You have to contact discsupport@seagate.com for this update. If you can’t wait and want to update the firmware right now, follow the steps below AT YOUR OWN RISK:

  1. Download the SD1A firmware in ISO format.
  2. Burn the ISO to a disc. Since the disk is bootable, change the boot device priority in your BIOS & set the first one to CDROM.
  3. Detach all the PATA and SATA devices except the hard disk you’re going to update. IDE device is safe during the process, so you can leave it there.
  4. Restart your computer and the disc will be loaded & run automatically.
  5. A readme text file will be displayed at first, press ESC or F10 to exit and enter the command-line environment.
  6. Enter “S” to select the “scan for ATA devices” command and make sure there is only one device found.
  7. Enter “A” to download the firmware, whose version is SD1A. The update process will start automatically. DO keep the power on during the whole procedure or the hard disk will be damaged permanently.
  8. When everything is done, press any key and the system will shut down. Power on again and that’s it. DO NOT Ctrl-Alt-Del to restart, power off or press any key as what is told in the instruction.

Looks like a long story but it is simple when you do it yourself. I’ve done it myself and tested the hard disk with firmware SD1A. The bug does go away. If you’ve got any doubts or questions, feel free to contact and I’ll see what I can help.





《 “Update Firmware to Solve the Seagate 1.5T Random Halt Bug” 》 有 6 条评论

  1. Jason 的头像

    Thank You!! Worked great! Saved me alot of time waiting for seagate to respond!

  2. some_guy 的头像

    thank you! i hope this fixes the random freezing. thank you!

  3. Zueska 的头像

    The new equipment of the weakness is the graphic.
    You can buy the ATI 4850 with the same price,and get a bertter performance than the NV GF9800GTX+.
    Too big size DRAM,you can operate without virtual memory.It's so crazy

    1. Keefe Dunn 的头像

      I was just trying to fill up all the RAM slots…
      As to 98GTX+, it's my preference to choose NV rather than ATI.

  4. dado 的头像

    thank you so much! worked perfectly and took me only a few minutes! saved me soooo much hassle.

    1. Keefe Dunn 的头像

      glad that it helped.
      i tried to contact seagate with that mail, but got no response ever since. so i guess the whole point of this post is the SD1A firmware link. ^^


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