Juice – Intelligent Discovery Engine in Your Firefox Sidebar

In the first part of the story, I introduced an SNS extension which resides at the left side of Firefox. Here in this post, I’m going to bring you another extension takes over the right side: Juice.

Juice is an intelligent discovery engine that integrates seamlessly with Firefox. It has features like:

  • discovering deep-linked content
  • multi-task while browsing
  • media storage and organization
Highlight and move a chunk of text, and Juice directly delivers a set of rich, relevant content to you.

Drag & Drop

It’s easy to use Juice and feel its magic. Just grab a chunk of text, image or video and Juice will start performing its tricks. When dropping text into Juice, Juice will try to understand its meaning and serve you with context-relevant information. In the case of images or videos, it will let you store them for later viewing, while you keep browsing just the way you like!

Intelligent Discovery Engine

The developers didn’t use the term search here in order to distinguish Juice from other search engines. Juice digs into the keywords and looks for more info in various formats.

Juice’s discovery mechanism is grounded on Linkool Labs‘ proprietary intelligent discovery engine. This engine, comprised of a natural language processing system and a dictionary management system, helps to evolve the semantic web by connecting keywords with the most relevant, rich content from third-party web services.

Discover & Organize

The use these two words as a combination not individuals, just like Drag & Drop. Because you can bookmark and organize rich content discovered for you! For example, when Juice delivers a video to you, you can simply add the video into your personal video playlist – for current or future viewing! You can also do this with the videos and images you discover yourself while browsing the web, by dragging the image or tab attached to the videos.

Take a look at the video below to see how Juice works as if by magic:

This article is part 2 of the 2-part series Make Full Use of Your Firefox Side Space, discussing excellent Firefox extensions to fill out the side spaces of wide-screen monitor. For part 1 of the series, refer to Yoono – SNS All in One in Your Firefox Sidebar.






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