Hotspot Shield – Protection and Breaking through

GoDaddy’s homepage turned unreachable from yesterday, when I was just about to get a new domain name there. Then I realized it was high time I do something to retain my right surf the Internet freely. I don’t like being fooled again and again, or being another victim of the Great Wall, if you know what I mean.

Solution 1: Vidalia bundle + Firefox + FoxyProxy plugin

This one comes in handy if you were a user of Tor. When the tor circle is established, you just need to configure the FoxyProxy and add some URL patterns to use it. I used to use Torpark to do that, during which time IE-core based browser was my primary choice. To be honest, I was not content with the speed surfing with Torpark. Howerver, It’s not tor’s fault, since the network environment is so choky all along. Unfortunately, the low-speed connection still drives me crazy that I have to give it up. Pretty good project though, Vidalia.

BTW, you don’t need to install Privoxy in the bundle, Vidalia and Tor is enough for normal user to get FoxyProxy to work properly.

Solution 2: Hotspot Shield (VPN)

VPN = Virtual Private Network, which tends to create another wide-area network through Internet with users of this technology. This way you could stay secure and anonymous while being connected to the Net. Hotspot Shield is a typical application of VPN produced by AnchorFree. It not only hides your IP while you’re online, but also ensures your access to all the content without censorship. (Oh, yeah, that’s what I’m looking for. Break through the Wall!) What’s more, you don’t need to know how it works because no configuration is required at all. Install and run, that’s it!

BTW, I heard that there’s a bandwidth limit to this app: 3GB per month. I’m not quite sure if it is still the case, but 3GB is way more than enough as long as you’re not downloading media files through it.






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