Turning 5D Mark II into a Production-ready Cinema System

Although officially released, Canon 5D Mark II is not in the market yet. But this does not stop other accessory manufacturer from preparing accessories for it.

RedRock video DSLR Bundle

Not long ago, RedRockMicro announced their accessories for video DSLRs (including 5D Mark II) that transform video DSLRs into production-ready cinema solutions, which provide:

  • Rock-solid 15mm support system
  • Follow focus for accurate and repeatable focusing
  • Swing-away mattebox for light management and easy access to changing lenses
  • Shoulder mount and handgrips for steady handheld use
  • Support cage for enhanced stability and low angle shot

5D Mark II Looks

Let’s first take a glance at how 5D Mark II will look like equipped with these bundles. It’s stunning!

Just imagine what you will produce with this set of babies. I’m so excited!


The so-called DSLR bundle will be available starting October 28th.






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