FeatPlug – The Way Your Featured Posts Are Meant to Be Displayed

It’s been a while since my last post, er…, quite a while. Being busy is not an excuse, I just don’t feel like writing, or am simply getting lazier. Anyway, I see blogging constantly as a way of exercising my patience, so I’ll keep doing it.

Today’s highlight is cast on FeatPlug, which is

“a WordPress plugin that can mine your blog’s content and generate ‘featured content’ section for your site using the suitable stories”.

Anyone ever tried a magazine-style WordPress theme knows what the “featured content” is – a section that makes some of your posts distinguished from the rest and your blog to be more appealing. The only problem with this, is instead of getting everything done automatically, you have to add the custom fields manually. I’ve tried some scripts that will do the job, such as TimThumb, but still, there’re limitations (like, the path to the image must be relative).

And for now, those problems are in the past, because we have this fantastic plugin FeatPlug (see the RiWiA homepage for a demo). To get the featured content section, just upload and activate the plugin, and put the function call in a proper place among your codes. It then searches the very posts for images and display them in the format you indicate. All you have to do, is to compose the posts as usual, and that’s it, nothing more. The jobs after that are taken care of by this amazing plugin. FeatPlug also brings along 3 completely different templates to show your featured posts: imagemenu, slideshow and banners. And there’s more, you can even create template of your own.

The features FeatPlug provides include: image caching, template support, layered architecture, image enlarging, broken image checking and WordPress MU support. Check this page for more info about it.






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