Feedburner Unblocked

Don’t know why they kept doing this, blocking useful services provided by websites from out of the country. I mean here in my country. Unfortunately, feedburner is in the blocking list. You just can’t visit links in this form: feeds.feedburner.com/username.
But now, it seems to me that feedburner is unblocked. And I guess Google has done much to make it happen. I don’t know if it’s only temporary. So, anybody who concerns about this like I do, pray to our mighty God that this will last.
In my opinion, blocking is definitely not a good way to solve the problem we confront. Confining people’s vision in a limited scale will lead to a rebellion from inside. At least that’s how I feel to be restrained.
All in all, the substance of Internet is freedom and sharing. So, why not just let us be free?

By the way, Wikipedia also got unblocked some time before. Does it have anything to do with Beijing Olympic Games? Anyway, just enjoy the could-be temporary freedom surfing around.






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