Zemanta – Blogging in a Brand New Way


Once I thought I could not write without Windows Live Writer, but I was wrong. I would not give up WLW just because I did not have the reason to. And now, here comes the very reason: zemanta. Since zemanta only works in a browser, I have to stop using WLW.

What is zemanta?

Zemanta is a browser-based extension which makes your blogging easy and creative. There are 2 types of it available: a Firefox extension or a WordPress (or other blogging platforms) plugin. Zemanta will help you blog in so many ways, including automatically searches for the related links, tags, pictures and articles according to what you’re writing currently. Using zemanta to blog

  • saves time – relevant content from around the web brought to you as you’re typing.
  • drives traffic – search engines love better tagged content. Plus, Zemanta links your posts to others across the web having related conversations.
  • works everywhere – you can use Zemanta on any popular blogging platform or browser


For more info read the FAQ or watch the screencast.

Pros and cons?

We do everything based on some counting nowadays. Usually, the list becomes long and the decision is hard to make, but not for this one.

  • Pros: Everything you need is provided automatically. That’s amazing and convenient.
  • Cons: The number of pictures inserted to your post can only be 1 for the moment. And the position of the picture is fixed to top left or top right. If you ever want to insert a 2nd picture, you’ll have to copy the one present and paste it somewhere else. Then select another image.

Where can I get it?

Zemanta Pixie







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