Where do we go from here?

It’s been nearly 2 years since the foundation of this blog. I barely knew nothing about blog, rss feed, or even WordPress at that time. All I knew was to share some metal music with you metalheads. ^^

I kept doing so for some time until I went back to college for my graduate study. Because at the mean time, wordpress.com was unreachable. The situation doesn’t seem to get any better nowadays. So I have no choice but to give it up.

It’s never easy to make a decision like this, for I’m really touched by you guys. Even this blog was updated only once in a year, I’ve still got approximately a hundred subscribers. Oh, there were someone wanted to contribute to my sharing project here too, Sol Niger, Earl, thanks. And thank you all, metal lives forever!

And now, here comes the question: where should I go from here? The project can’t go anywhere since I’m not able to update this blog normally. Fortunately, I bought my own domain name not long ago, and I’m trying to resume the sharing project there. URL: http://dengkefu.com/blog
Since it’s new, there are not many posts yet, but I’m going to add more, and open a whole section on metal music there.

Also, I have a plan. I hope some of you can help me with the whole sharing project. Try to be more than a subscriber, be a contributor! Here’s how: simply sign up on my new weblog ralphdunn.com and I’ll promote your account role to contributor. Then you’ll be able to submit post there.
I know, I know, it’s not profitable and seldom people would like to do that. But I still have the faith that there were someone like me, willing to share what he/she likes. All they need is a platform to do so. Although this plan may not be mature, I prefer giving it a shot.
Any questions about the plan or how to use WordPress, feel free to contact me via “ralphdunn at gmail dot com”

Note: This article was imported from my other blog “Metal Union”, so there may be inconsistency in it.







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