Truth Inside – About the Popularity of a Post

Update: Originally, I uploaded the leading image to TinyPic. It seems that the rules there are so strict and my picture got eliminated soon. Yep, it is a sexy one; No, no nudes in it. And now, I have to upload a new one for substitution. Hope this time it will work.

I noticed that the most popular post in my blog is the one titled “Line of Beauty and Grace“, whose popularity index showed by “popularity contest” is 100%! This is luciferous because the algorithm of the plugin “popularity contest” is, the earlier the article was posted, the lower the popularity.

I started to think why such a post could draw the visitors’ attention way more the others. When I reviewed this post, it took me only seconds to figure out why, that’s all because of the key words in it. Let’s take a look at them: sex, naked… Although this post is not about porn or sexuality, those words do come between the lines.

This is an interesting phenomena, which reminds of another common case that, the top articles in every picture or download-themed website are always those with “hot” titles or contents. I’m not blaming on anyone here, I just find it funny. This reveals the truth about the whole Internet, which is, sex comes first, and everything else is left far behind.

So much for my murmur here, and I’m just wondering whether this post will be popular, or not. By the way, I hope you like the title image with this article in the home page. ^^

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