Since I”ve been watching euro2008 games these days, this wallpaper is definitely recommended.

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Euro Trivia::
// 13th edition of the UEFA European Football Championship, a quadrennial football tournament for European nations.
// The tournament, which is being hosted by Austria and Switzerland.
// A total of 16 teams are participating in the tournament.
// Austria and Poland have both made their first appearance in the tournament.
// Each nation had to submit a squad of 23 players, three of which had to be goalkeepers, by 28 May 2008. If a player was injured seriously enough to prevent him from taking part in the tournament before his team’s first match, he could be replaced by another player.
// The official Euro 2008 song is "Can You Hear Me" by Enrique Iglesias.
// After receiving 36.3% of the vote, Trix and Flix were chosen.
// The slogan for UEFA Euro 2008 was chosen on 24 January 2007: Expect Emotions.
// UEFA announced that total of €184 million has been offered to the 16 teams competing in this tournament, increasing from €129 million in the previous tournament.
// UEFA Euro 2008 Official Site [link]
// Travel guide for the tournament [link]

For more information and downloads, just click the picture above. ^^

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