Cheers! WyntonMagazine

Here I am again. It’s been a few days since I left. Too much personal affairs to deal with.

However, there’s something I’ve done which can’t be ignored. Yep, I’ve changed the theme for the 3rd time… All of them are amazing, but I just like this one better. The only problem is, you need more time to configure such a theme to make it work the way you want.

Michael, a gifted and productive designer, I’ve got nothing else to say to you but thanks. You’ve been doing great jobs all the time. To be honest, Branford is as excellent as Wynton. Since you’ve got the same taste as mine (Hemingway is an evidence), I would give you all my beautiful words in vocabulary: amazing, incredible, fabulous, etc. Oh, I almost forgot, I already did that days ago. ^^

For those who need further information about Michael’s work, check his website here, BranfordMagazine here and WyntonMagazine here. Besides, the tutorials of how to use these themes properly are also provided.

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