2 Reasons Why I Hate Firefox

Mozilla Firefox

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I said I was a fan of Firefox in the article showing massive updates of Firefox plugins. Yep, and I still am. No, I didn’t plan to give up using it. I’m not playing around here. The truth is, although I hate Firefox in some aspects, it doesn’t keep me from using it. There is an old Chinese saying that “one rails badly at what he loves most”. That’s a proper description of me and Firefox.

Nothing is perfect, and Firefox is not an exception either. Below are 2 critical matters about Firefox, which Mozilla should improve in my opinion.

  1. Startup time. This is nothing new but platitudes, and people complaining about it are all around. To balance between the startup time and functionality, I have to limit the number of extensions I’m installing. Even so, I’m not quite satisfied by the time Firefox takes to launch and get ready to work.
  2. Promotion. This is a specific problem happening in my country. Google became Mozilla’s partner in 2005 and started to support the promotion of Firefox. Because the promotion is highly profitable, most webmasters were trying every means to make money out of it. Since then the situation became uncontrollable. Ads about Firefox floated all around the pages, some of which even prevented other browsers from visiting them. That’s unbelievable!

As to the browser itself, Firefox is a great program with quantities of powerful extensions. And I just wish it could get better. By the way, are you ready for Firefox 3? It’s coming in no time!

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