Several Firefox Features You Should Know


To be honest, I’m new to Firefox. Through plenty of IE-cored browsers and Opera (which is a powerful browser too, but does not have as many extensions as Firefox do. And that’s why I have to give it away), I got here eventually. Although I’m not using it for long, it doesn’t keep me from loving this amazing browser, since there’re a lot of ready-to-be-used extensions for us to make customizations. Or, maybe I should say "way to many". ^^

Let’s go back to the topic. This post is not about plugins but on Firefox itself. Most of the features mentioned below are in Firefox 3, so if  you want to experience them and in the mean time, to use your present plugins in Firefox 2, arm yourself with Mossop‘s Nightly Tester Tools first.

  • Useful Tips in the Address Bar: When you type into the address bar, Firefox intelligently searches for every possible match in your bookmarks or history, including page title, URL, etc. It gives you far more than just "tips", perhaps the phrase "real-time local search engine in the browser cache" is the exact description of what it does for you. For instance, if you once visited a WordPress-related page, and now you want to revisit that page and you forget the link. No problem, just type "WordPress" in the address bar and you’ll get any page with the keyword in its title or URL. And as always, space bar is the delimiter for two or more keywords.
  • Multi-language Coding in the Address Bar: That is, if you visit an URL with non-English words in it, you won’t get something like "%F8%80%81%F8%82" in the address bar. What you get is what you suppose it to be. That’s cool especially for us not-native English speakers.
  • Improved Built-in Download Manager: Now we’ve got the link-copy option finally when we right-click the downloading task.
  • Respective Original Theme for XP, Vista, Mac and Linux: In short, you get different default theme installing Firefox into these operating systems.
  • Warning on Malware and Phishing Website: I’m not sure if it’s a new feature, but it really helps for your Safe-Browsing in the Internet.

Of course there’re a lot more new features I haven’t mentioned above, and it’s up to you to dig them out! ^^

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