Hello, World! Hello, WordPress!

This is the real "Hello, World!" post of my blog, not that annoying one generated by WordPress automatically. But to tell the truth, I kinda like that post, cos it really helps me out when I tried to set up the whole site and get it run in a proper way.

Long story short, there’re two major problems that I have to solve.

1. The 1st one is about WordPress configuration.

It’s not that difficult for you normal, rational people, but for such a perfectionist with a paranoid mind like me, it turns out to be a hard job. It’s frustrating to say it out loud and confront the real me inside, but it’s true. Okay, am I getting away from the topic? Let’s get back to the point. Setting up a WordPress weblog is a routine job that anybody’s capable of doing, according to the famous 5-minute installation. However, making all the plugins to function correctly is not easy, especially when WordPress has just upgraded its version.

• Some plugins just don’t work or can’t be activated because of incompatibility.

For example, the popularity contest by Alex King, which shows the most popular posts in your blog. Even though I don’t understand how the "popularity" value is calculated for every post, I’d like to use this plugin. But when I tried to activate it, I got an error message from WordPress says "fatal error" or something. If you encountered the same problem as I did, please refer to this post for the solution. You can fix that problem with only one move, or, at most two. ^^

• Ajaxed WordPress is also a tough one to deal with.

There’re a lot of options for you to set up, or, maybe I should say, way too many! However, it’s not the hardest part. Since AWP(not the AWP when you’re playing CS!) exploits a complex way to make things work, it’s obviously not easy for people to do the right configuration. I’ll explain in detail here. In order to encapsulate every function into a module, Aaron Harun, the author of AWP, decide to split up the whole process of reaching a single into several pieces. I call that option combination. If I’m not making myself clear enough, here is a instance. When a user what to get the threaded comments feature, he has to activate 3 modules and check 2 options! And the related appearance options are not included. Despite the flaws mentioned above, AWP is such an amazing plugin that I can’t live without. The inline posts, inline comments, threaded comments and paginated posts are all useful functions to WordPress, and they are only a small part amongst AWP features. All in all, Aaron Harun has done a great job there. My suggestion to this plugin is, make it simple. And then, everybody will like it. At least I suppose so. ^^

2. Where are we now? Oh, here comes the 2nd major problem, the domain name.

Since I’m new to web hosting and using a free space currently, I have to get a top-level domain name. Because even if my free space encounters problems and I have to move to another web hoster, readers like you can always find my new site through the permanent domain name. Thanks to my uncle who lives in U.S., I got this domain from godaddy.com. I’ll omit the procedure and go straight to the point – the domain settings. If you’re in a similar situation like me, what’s told next may help.

  • Log in to your account in godaddy and go to "Total DNS Control", add your domain name and the IP address to the A(host) records. You can get that ip address somewhere in your web hosting account.
  • Log in to your web hosting account and add your domain name in the "add domain name" field or something like that.
  • It’s all set. Wait for some time for the changes to take effect.

Thanks for reading this long, boring post. I’m not a native English speaker and I’m trying my best to make everything sound here, so if you’re still there and you’ve got questions, feel free to contact me via email or MSN. A famous saying in a fabulous Japan drama "Operation Love" is quoted here: "Ask for what you want or you’ll never get it!" The related information of mine resides here.






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