Feed Compulsion – Are You Anxious?

LeON summarized his anxious conduct towards feed in following aspects. Unfortunately, I got some exact matches. (T_T) What about you?

Usually, people with Feed Compulsion are those who

  1. Refresh the RSS reader frequently to get the updated news.
  2. Prefer online RSS readers so they can still obtain information through other network-ready facilities instead of PC.
  3. (according to item 2) Have cellphones/PDAs with Wi-Fi and built-in browser.
  4. Look for the feed URL instead of bookmarking it when they find a fabulous website.
  5. Cannot tolerate the existence of 5 hundred unread items or above in there readers.
  6. (according to item 5) Try every possible means to turn the number of unread items down to 0.
  7. (according to item 6) Mark all the items as read when they don’t have enough time to read them all.
  8. Go crazy because of the huge number of unread items in their readers if they are kept out of Internet for a few days.
  9. (according to item 8) Won’t stop looking for new feeds or cancel any subscription even if they’ve got too many feeds to read already.
  10. Have many duplicate articles in their readers because there’re too many feeds.

After reading all the items above, tell me, are you or are you not anxious?

The original post is here, in Chinese.

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