it’s been a year, dude, a whole damn year. and finally, i’m here again. i misssss you guys, every one of you, really, including those who called me leecher (this is sth. i’d like to explain later). may f*cking metal be with you every bloody day!

here’s the situation,

1. under the influence of my own country’s policy of ban on wordpress.com and the poor network on my campus, i was not able to access this site. but with the help of our holy god (^^), i’m here again. i hope it’s not temporary, and i really do. may the mighty lord be here for me all the time.

2. since i had no access to my lovely site, i didn’t read many of your comments. i’ll do it ASAP and try to respond. would anybody do me a favor? tell me, am i a bad english writer? correct me if i’ve done anything wrong with the spelling or gramma. thanx a lot. ^^

3. okay, here’s how i’m gonna explain the “leecher” thing. originally, i just wanna share what i’ve got from internet about extreme metal. and then i found the great site www.metalunion.org. but this website seems to have everything in foreign language, so i suppose maybe it’s a good idea to turn the information there into english, which is more convenient for the world wide reader. the worst part is, i didn’t get their permission to do so, nor did i ask for it. i’m really sorry for that and i apologize, sincerely.

4. from now on, there won’t any link from metalunion.org until i’m permitted to get them here. i’ll try to upload files myself and also collect some from the forum that i visit frequently.

best of luck, fellas. you’re the most precious “resource” i’ve ever got over net, all of you. thanx!








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